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Off to the Post Office

So, today is May 17th. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the different things that are going on in my life.

The weather has changed here.

It’s funny, when the weather changes, you feel like not doing as much in the way of moving everything forward for yourself.

Goals are one of those things that when you write them down on paper, wow, they just seem so awesome.

Like buying a Ferrari or traveling to Europe, or making a million dollars, or buying commercial real estate.

When you write them down on paper, it just seems like, “Okay, we’re gonna to get this. We’re gonna to get this done.”

Then you make a few phone calls, and you start moving towards it, and you’re like, “Yeah, we’re really going to get this done.”

Then one change in the weather or, for instance, driving to Dallas and back, with basically no sleep in between.

Then, you just feel like, “Oh my God, these goals are so much further away than I thought.”

And so, it’s being able to get back on the horse, so to speak, and get going towards your goals again that is really, really tricky.

With regards to family, we had mother’s day this last week, and I sent my mom a couple of necklaces.

It’s funny because, as you do this blogging thing, you just wonder sometimes, “Who’s eventually gonna read it?” Well, my guess is, my mom probably will end up reading this.

You have to kind of be cautious in the way you write.


You know, what’s going on? Well, today I’m going to go to the post office and get my key.

I haven’t had a key to my mailbox for over 45 days now.

The mail piles up. I have met the postal carrier and he gets my mail for me every once in a while.

What’s interesting is it’s so much different here in Texas, than it was in Florida.

They just give you your mail. In Florida, they wanna mace you if you get within 10 feet of them.

Diet and exercise. What’s going on there? Well, I missed my workout yesterday.

I feel like that’s kind of my grounding and my base. Had a lot of funny things happen yesterday.

Yesterday, when I was getting back to Austin, I tried to go to the coffee shop that I’ve been going to, Genuine Joe …

What I felt was overcharged me by a dollar for my drink.

When it turns out, I think they’ve been undercharging me by a dollar for my drink, for the last two weeks. Anyway, I got upset and I left.

It turns out it was the owner … You know, so I’m like, I don’t know.

I’m just frustrated by that, cause I don’t want to give up my coffee place.

I guess it’s gonna cost me three dollars a day to go there instead of two dollars a day to go there, or I guess three and four dollars with their tip.

Then, again, it’s getting back on the horse.

I gotta go in there with my tail between my legs I guess and tell them, “Yeah, I’m okay with paying three dollars for this drink.”

It’s directly across the street from the gym, and I was getting a lot of my planning done there.

It’s one of those things where in life, if you think you’re getting a good deal on something, and then all of a sudden you have to pay more for it, it just frustrates you.

You don’t know sometimes when that’s happening. Right?


I’ve got one ticket left to buy, and that’s from Lisbon, Portugal down to the beaches down south.

It’s funny, because I sometimes get frustrated and anxiety about how expensive this trip coming up is going to be.

Then, I tell my wife Sandra, that this is expensive and it’s causing anxiety, because we’re one of the few, few people that actually get to do this.

It’s not something that most people are going through.

My entire growing up, I don’t remember planning a trip to Europe.

I never went to Europe, until the first time, when I was 26.

I went to Amsterdam with some friends from New York. They almost tricked me into going.

This guy borrowed some money from me and then instead of paying me back $500 bucks, he buys me a ticket to Amsterdam.

Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone.

I’m thankful to him for that. It’s funny, last year I was super, super anxiety, super worried about the trip and how it was all gonna play out.

And then, by the time I got back, I hadn’t really worked during the trip … I’d made more money during the trip than I had spent, and we spent a ton of money.

I had more money in the bank, when I got back, than when I had left.

It’s like … There’s a saying in business. It says flex your risk muscle.

I feel like when I’m planning these trips, I’m flexing my risk muscle.

What’s going on with my spiritual life? Well, I’m being challenged.

I read a book yesterday, called Stealing Fire.

I think Stealing Fire really encourages drug use and experimentation, which is kind of the opposite of God, and Jesus.

However, in the book, they tried to relate Christianity to yet just another drug.

They were very pro burning man, pro hallucinogenic experimentation.

Some of the arguments that they made were very good, but all I know is that at the end of the day, I felt a lot of depression, a lot of desire to go do a bunch of drugs, and having had issues with that in my past, I can say that, that is not the path that is going to be right for me.

I’ve often been accused of falling for whatever I read in my books.

It’s reminds me of The Office, TV show, and how Michael Scott would watch some movie and then reenact parts of the movie.

Maybe I have a gullible mind. I’ve been told that before.

Some people think that’s why I’m involved in Christianity, is because I have a gullible mind.

I think I’m involved in Christianity, partly because of my upbringing, partly because it keeps me out of trouble, and partly because of the way I feel inside, when I am practicing, versus not practicing.

What’s going on in my life?

In August, we’re gonna be in Seattle, and I wanna see as many people as I can.

Some of those people are bad influences.

If I control the environment, it allows me to kind of see the friendly faces without letting them influence me too much.

I’ll probably do some sort of get together.

It looks like it’s gonna be August 12th, 2017, probably in the Ravenna area, as usual.


What’s going on now? Well, the fax number business is at an all-time low.

We had a negative income yesterday.

I have an employee there, that’s working with me on it. He does a great job.

The business isn’t supporting him too well right now, but I do want to keep him on, if at all possible.


You know, where does it come from? This morning I woke up and I was feeling a little bit depressed, and I think it has a lot to do with the weather change here in Austin.

We’ll see as the day goes by.

I’m gonna go to the post office here, and get the key, and then I’m gonna go by a taco shop and, I bet you by the time I’m done with those two little errands, that I’m feeling awesome.

Tech Advances

This is one of the advances, actually what we’re doing right now.

I’m recording audio into the iPhone, which is then transcribed by a company called Who then automatically posts the transcription as a draft to

This is one of the technological advances that we’re trying to build into SteadyContent, so that people can actually blog every day for a significant amount of time without sitting there and having to type everything out.

It just doesn’t work. I’ve never really been able to maintain a blog on a regular basis, day in, day out.

Book Reviews

I talked to you about Stealing Fire.

I’m also listening to The End of Power, which is the number one recommended book by Mark Zuckerberg …

The End of Power is about the decentralization of power and how putting power into the hands of the individual will be the successful companies of the future.

When you look at Facebook, Snapchat, anything that gives a one to many voices, you’re seeing this in action.

You know, it took three years to coordinate the resistance, the movement against the Vietnam war, where with Occupy Wall Street, it took three weeks.

Where with Anti-Trump and Hillary, it seemed to take, The Women’s March… it seemed to take a day.

We’re getting more organized in life. More power is going to the masses.

That can be good and bad, depending on how you view it.

Then End of Power. I would highly recommend that book.

I don’t really recommend Stealing Fire, because I feel that it encourages drug use, and abuse, or … I would say it encourages drug experimentation.

The challenge with that is, in the illicit market, in order to purchase any kind of drugs, everything is based around potency and strength.

If you were to buy LSD … I’ve never done LSD, but I would imagine, whatever someone is selling, is a solid kick. Right? For lack of a better term.

If you go to buy Marijuana, weed parenthetically … They wanna sell you the most potent THC version.

Where, in reading the book, I could see what they were doing was experimenting with micro doses.

Well, in order to do that, you need a lab. You need a pharmacist. You need a scientist, etc.

What they were experimenting with is LSD at a level, so small that it would not give you a hallucinogenic effect.

With THC at such small levels, that it wouldn’t give you a psychoactive effect.

Well, try and buy that one on the illicit drug market.

I think what they’re supporting, or suggesting, and what’s available in the market are two different things.

At the end of the day, I feel like they’re supporting drug use and abuse because that’s all that’s available.

Hopefully, that makes sense. All right.

Well, I’m off to the post office, to anyone reading this, God bless you, and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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