Going to see Todd White in North Fort Worth

Today’s blog post. I went to see Todd White last night at the church up in Dallas, Texas, Ft. Worth, actually north Ft. Worth.

It was a good time. I met up with Corey Huddleson. I had some good conversation with him about business afterward.

Listened to Todd White do his stage show, and it was pretty amazing. It’s a revival. It’s healing.

It’s focusing on God and looking at someone who’s just completely all in for Jesus.

I wanted to see him in his heyday before anything bad happened to him like he falls out of grace, etc. like a couple of Internet preachers have done before.

I wanted to look the guy in the eye from where he was and see if I believed him which I did.

I’ve often questioned my faith and everything the older I get, whether it’s fear of death or just seeing the result of all of my actions so far in life.

I’m starting to see more and more that having God as your copilot is a very useful tool in your life as I watch people who do not have God in their life just seem to flounder around in their 30s and 40s.

Suicide is high. Drug use is high. Mental abuse, be it verbal abuse or physical abuse, is high.

Divorce is really high amongst people who are non-Christians It’s still high among Christians, but let’s call it 10% lower.

It’s a factor. I’m starting to take over the church group in some ways and some fashions.

I led it last week, and now I’m getting to be more adept at it. I’m learning to accept that responsibility.

Why am I journaling today? I guess I’m journaling because I really want to get my words out.

I came home. Sandra was not very supportive during me leaving and coming back from this trip.

We’ve got our trip to Europe planned now.

We’re going to, I think, nine stops along the way. I’m pretty excited about it.

Let me just count the stops actually just to get them here.

I’m going to try and use this service to actually blog while I’m gone.

We are going to Frankfurt, Germany, Berlin, Germany, Munich, Germany, Lisbon, Portugal, Faro or Albufeira, Portugal, Madrid, Spain, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and then back through Frankfurt.

That’s my blog for today.

I think I’ve done a little bit of journaling here. I’m going to go take Sandra to lunch.

She seems to be in a little better mood.

That’s it for now. Mart Gerchow signing out.

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