Getting there is half the FUUUUUN!!

We are finally in Buenos Aires, Argentina…

We had quite an adventure getting here.

At 6:30am… we’re at the airport in Puerto Vallarta. I dropped off Sandra and went and parked the rental car for them to pick up later.

Didn’t sleep too much the night before. Figured I’ll sleep on the plane right?

Sandra and Matteo got in line. When I get back inside, they are at the counter.

Seems without fail, the “not so happy” women at the counter are always trying to mess with us… it’s something about Sandra that sets them off. She has great genetics, and appears to be living an awesome life. What sucks, is Sandra is so nice to people… and they just want to hurt her all the time.

Sandra tells me, we have a little problem. You need this paper.

So there is this entrance fee that I haven’t paid.

$160 US and it’s totally my fault…

But I’m grumpy and not happy with this woman for delivering bad news…

She gives us tickets as far as mexico city… GREAT! sarcasm

This is looking like it’s going to be a $5000 dollar error. We’ll have to get a hotel in DF (DehEffeh) that’s what the Mexicans call Mexico city. Change the flights, etc.

I’m frantic. I’m on my phone, trying to get things sorted out.

I see on one site that it takes 24 hours…and it’s like someone let the air out of my tires.

But I continue. if you’ve ever read the blue vase story, you know that you don’t quit at the first no.

I have internet on my phone. It’s slow, but it’s there.

I find a site… but it’s in spanish and just the registration process is a nightmare, and not one word about the entry fee anywhere on the site.

back to google. Then I find and it’s in English! Yeah!

So we’re in the plane now, ready for takeoff.

I have to try.

I’m entering my info. Passport info, credit card info… all into my iPhone. I get through the form, pay for the 30 minute expedite for $30 extra (seemed reasonable)

We’re on the runway, accelerating into take off

I press Submit!

Waiting… Waiting…

70mph…100mph…150mph…Wheels up…

Just as we clear the run way…

Congratulations! Your application has been received.

Total stress for the 1 and 1/2 hour flight.

We have a plan, and we said a prayer…

Landing in Mexico city I check my email… we HAVE the form.

Okay… now all we have to do is print it and show it to AeroMexico to get on the plane.

Only problem was, our luggage is in baggage claim, not checked through to Argentina.

We’re the first one’s off the plane. Sandra and Matteo take off to baggage claim and I take off to find the Premiere Club to print the paper.

I’m told it’s upstairs, and motioned with a hand. It really bugs me when people do that. They can tell you are frantic and make a conscious decision to be vague.

I circle the airport trying to find the elevator. no luck.

I come back again… begging someone, anyone, to just show me where it us… no luck.

I take off again in the direction they waved me. it’s a good 1/4 mile walk. I’ve got my iMac, a carry on and my backpack with me… RUNNING NOW.

I find the first elevator. Okay, I’m upstairs, where’s this pinché premiere club.

There it is, but it’s another elevator. Hold THAT DOOR!

I get in the next elevator with 3 other people. Guess what, the button to go to the 2nd floor is broken.

No time to waste, I jump up the three flights of stairs, my fingers feel like they could break under the pressure of the aluminum computer base digging into my hands.

I get inside, they start questioning my flight status, they want to charge me. I say do whatever you want, I have to print this paper.

I throw 500 pesos on her desk and she switches into slow mode.

I grab my stuff and make a run for the computers… Yo pago despues… POR FAVOR.

(I’ll pay after…PLEASE)

I get someone to help me with the computer. Turns out you don’t enter your on their computers…. HOW would anyone ever know that?

And I did know this… but the @#$%^& keys up top, are all different on a Mexican keyboard… so make sure you have just numbers and letters in your passwords.

I get into my gmail… Sandra calls.

When she got to baggage claim, everyone else was waiting for their luggage…but somehow our three pieces were already out and set aside for us.

She’s GOT the luggage and by the grace of God, she’s also got our new boarding passes.

How’d she even do that?

On the airport loudspeaker they are calling my name… Matt Gerchow… por favor, el puerto 68. Matt Gerchow… please come to gate 68.

I get logged in and print the document.

Time to do the OJ simpson Samsonite commercial.

I’m running through the airport, dipping and dodging… all of my luggage behind me like a cartoon whirlwind…and this paper in my hand like the wonka golden ticket.

I get to the gate, totally out of breath… Soy Matt Gerchow!

We need your “blah blah blah” paper…

yeah… handing it to them.

But now Sandra is stuck in security… can’t get through with my boarding pass.

I tell her….Put my pass away and try again. I leave my stuff and run back to security.

She gets through. Now all three of us are running.

We make it back to the airplane and we’re pretty much the last passengers to board.


We’re breathing heavy, haven’t eaten yet that day… exhausted mentally and physically.

But we MADE IT!

The next eight and a half hours we were totally pampered in first class. Our seats made into beds and we just vegged out.

We were able to sleep in Buenos Aires that night. Was completely awesome!

But what an adventure…

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